Secure Microsoft 365 deployments for Education

We implement Microsoft 365 for education units

Why Microsoft 365?

We deal with professional security and we know that working at home using private equipment can be a serious threat .

In the vast majority of Schools, work is practiced outside the School premises. Thus the work takes place beyond its control by the Data Administrator Personal (ADO), i.e. Director .

The implementation of Microsoft 365 guarantees the possibility of remote work in ADO-controlled conditions . A consistent environment for storing documents, safe sharing without the need to send data via e-mail and safe and secure e-mail create ideal conditions for remote work.

A very important element is access to data by ADO at any time.

Safe Microsoft 365

When implementing with us, you will receive the support of our Security Center (Security Operations Center - SOC), in which our employees, 24/7/365 monitor threats occurring in our clients.

We will configure multi-factor authentication for you and you will log in securely via the central user base.

We will make an encrypted copy of your data stored in Microsoft 365 so you never lose it , even if you opt out of Microsoft or our services.

We will configure tools for document management, versioning and history of actions on the document. The document workflow system based on Sharepoint is available free of charge like other Microsoft 365 applications.

Microsoft 365 - the most important information

Microsoft dedicates a package for all education units. If you represent a Kindergarten, Nursery or any other educational activity call or write to us and we will check if you qualify.

All data processed as part of the Microsoft 365 package is located in a data center located in the European Union and is not transferred outside the EU. Check Microsoft data centers in the European Union.

Wszystkie aplikacje pakietu Microsoft 365 dostępne są wyłącznie przez przeglądarkę (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari) poza OneNote, który jest dostępny również jako aplikacja do instalacji na komputerze.

Details about Microsoft 365 for Education

For our clients:

  1. We are introducing a supervised document exchange point , thanks to which all information is managed by the Director.
  2. We provide each user with backup tools , guaranteeing the availability of data even in the event of damage to the local server or computer.
  3. We provide tools for managing documents, communication, e-mail , calendars and meetings for every school employee: administrative, teacher and even student.
  4. We systematize and organize documents thanks to the implementation of document workflow based on Microsoft Sharepoint.
  5. We provide professional e-mail accounts in a secure domain , which are equipped with a calendar, tasks and sharing e-mail and contacts.
  6. We greatly reduce the phenomenon of SPAM and PHISHING thanks to extremely effective filters.
  7. Thanks to our security center, we monitor the traffic in Microsoft 365 to inform customers about emerging threats.

Microsoft has provided the Microsoft 365 A1 licenses for the Schools completely free of charge.

Licenses allow for a significant reduction in costs and access to professional and intuitive tools enabling work, including personal data processing, in a safe and reliable manner.

The school is protected against the accusation of irrational management of funds.

Microsoft 365 applications set trends and are a market standard, therefore the implementation and teaching users to work with them will not be a problem.

Microsoft Office applications - available through a browser (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox) - do not require installation on the user's computer:

  • Microsoft Outlook - e-mail program,
  • Microsoft Word - text editor,
  • Microsoft Excel - spreadsheet,
  • Microsoft PowerPoint - preparing presentations,
  • Microsoft OneNote - note keeping (can be installed on a computer).

Services and additional software

  • Exchange - an e-mail server with calendar, tasks and group work functions,
  • Microsoft OneDrive - virtual disk in the cloud with a capacity of 1 terabyte,
  • Microsoft SharePoint - a place to share documents in a safe way,
  • Microsoft Teams - group work,
  • Microsoft Sway,
  • Microsoft Forms,
  • Microsoft Stream,
  • Microsoft Flow,
  • Microsoft PowerApps,
  • Microsoft School Data Sync,
  • Microsoft Yammer.

We provide all our clients with e-mail accounts , which will be created for every administrative staff member and every teacher in the European Union.

All e-mail messages will be under the supervision of the Director (Personal Data Administrator) to maintain certainty of processing and to ensure accountability.

E-mail accounts are created in domains managed by us.

The excellent quality of ANTI-SPAM filters and anti-PHISHING filters significantly reduces the likelihood of personal data breaches.

The Microsoft Outlook e-mail program provides data encryption functionality that any user can use to securely transmit data that requires it.

ADO is protected from data processing in random locations.

Microsoft Sharepoint enables ADO to manage and store documents processed by employees.

Access of documents is guaranteed at any time. Each document created using the Microsoft 365 application can be immediately saved in Sharepoint and shared between users.

Teachers and administrators store their data in the Microsoft cloud located in the European Union.

PDA is protected from the allegation of the lack of a central electronic document store, which increases accountability in the area of data protection.

Sharepoint provides a set of very effective tools for describing documents with metadata and thus great search.

Thanks to metadata (data describing other data), you can prepare a report on documents sent to the unit at a specific time in a few moments.

Microsoft 365 applications e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others guarantee saving your work in OneDrive and / or Sharepoint , in places managed by ADO.

It is possible to work on the same document at the same time by many users, which significantly speeds up the work and enables better content control.

Successive versions of the document are saved and can be restored.

Tracking changes allows you to precisely indicate who made the modifications and when .

PDA is protected from the charge of distributed editing and failure to provide basic work tools.

One terabyte is a huge space for data, which should be indicated as the destination for documents ADO if anyone wants to work outside their premises.

All data in OneDrive can be encrypted - we will implement appropriate additional tools that we ourselves use for this purpose.

How many is one terabyte? That's about 100,000 photos, 10 megabytes each, that's 2.5 million Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents, about 400 kilobytes each. This is a very big value.

You can freely backup to OneDrive in order to relocate the backup. In the event of a fire, backup damage or other major accident, the data will be available outside the Unit's premises.

ADO is protected from the allegation of lack of backup tools.

Thanks to Azure Active Directory Services it is possible to manage users and their central authorization.

Active Directory allows you to enable secure two-factor login and thus block unauthorized users from accessing your data.

Thanks to our proprietary central security management solutions (UTM), we additionally log and analyze network traffic from and to Microsoft 365, to inform customers about unauthorized activities .

ADO is protected against the allegation of lack of control over unauthorized access to user data.