Secure Microsoft 365 deployments for Business

Wdrażamy Microsoft 365 dla Firm

Why Microsoft 365 in the company?

We deal with professional security and we know that working at home using private equipment can be a serious threat .

The Management Board is always responsible for the security of not only personal data. Effective protection of business data is at least as important to any company as the protection of personal data.

The vast majority of companies practice work outside their headquarters or simply remotely, or at least allow such a model of cooperation. Thus work takes place outside the possibility of its control by the Personal Data Administrator (ADO).

The implementation of Microsoft 365 guarantees the possibility of remote work in ADO-controlled conditions . A consistent environment for storing documents, safe sharing without the need to send data via e-mail and safe and secure e-mail create ideal conditions for remote work.

A very important element is access to data by ADO at any time.

Safe Microsoft 365

When implementing with us, you will receive the support of our Security Center (Security Operations Center - SOC), in which our employees, 24/7/365 monitor threats occurring in our clients.

We will configure multi-factor authentication for you and you will log in securely via the central user base.

We will make an encrypted copy of your data stored in Microsoft 365 so you never lose it , even if you opt out of Microsoft or our services.

We will configure tools for document management, versioning and history of actions on the document. Document workflow system based on Sharepoint is available in a package like other Microsoft 365 applications.

A very important element of Microsoft 365 security is the ability to manage all information produced by employees. In the event of an employee resignation, the company will still have access to the data.

Microsoft 365 - the most important information

All data processed as part of the Microsoft 365 package is located in a data center located in the European Union and is not transferred outside the EU. Check Microsoft data centers in the European Union.

Microsoft 365 applications are available through a browser (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari) and / or as desktop installation applications.

Microsoft 365 applications

The following applications are available as desktop or browser-based applications (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox):

  • Microsoft Outlook - e-mail program,
  • Microsoft Word - text editor,
  • Microsoft Excel - spreadsheet,
  • Microsoft PowerPoint - preparing presentations,
  • Microsoft OneNote - note keeping (can be installed on a computer).

Services and additional software

  • Exchange - an e-mail server with calendar, tasks and group work functions,
  • Microsoft OneDrive - virtual disk in the cloud with a capacity of 1 terabyte,
  • Microsoft SharePoint - a place to share documents in a safe way,
  • Microsoft Teams - group work,
  • Microsoft Sway,
  • Microsoft Forms,
  • Microsoft Stream,
  • Microsoft Flow,
  • Microsoft PowerApps,
  • Microsoft Yammer.