vCISO as a Service

Effective security programs that support the development of your enterprise

What is vCISO?

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (Head of Security) is a service designed to bring top-notch expertise from experienced security professionals to organizations that need security expertise and guidance.

Our team of experts has many years of experience in building complete information security programs.

We can implement security without interfering with the development of your project! The key for us is to work on increasing the level of safety, without slowing down the development of products and reducing the comfort of people's work.

At present, and for several years, we have been providing vCISO services for companies and public entities.

Benefits of vCISO

A team of people is an unprecedented advantage over anyone, even the best security chief.



Even the most experienced security manager is not able to have as much knowledge as a team of people. It is simply impossible.


A team of people guarantees business continuity, you can always count on the support and availability of people with extensive experience in the field of organizational, process, technical and product security.


Definitely higher stability of the provision of services that vCISO performs. We are passionate about security and we work with dedication and commitment because we like it.

What will you get as part of the service?

  1. Consulting on the selection of appropriate protection measures taking into account the best price-quality ratio and the so-called: security gaps, i.e. deficiencies in the security area that should be known in order to make the right choice.
  2. Consulting in the field of cybersecurity solutions available on the market (we know perfectly well every area that allows supervision, e.g. over privileged accounts, supervision over shadow IT, protection against data leakage, security models in the case of BYOD - this guarantees saving hundreds of hours on Proof-of-Concept work).
  3. Support in the development of security architecture based on your own and completely new tools.
  4. Support from security specialists covering the full spectrum of security-related issues including security in the cloud.
  5. Giving opinions your customers' requests in the scope of technical and organizational protection measures used.
  6. Close cooperation with the Data Protection Officer in the field of analysis and implementation of appropriate security measures (we provide personal data protection services and we can advise in this regard).
  7. Close cooperation with the CTO/CIO in the scope of implementation of appropriate measures in the field of source code security supervision, including tools such as: Secret scanning, SCA, SAST / DAST, Compliance check.
  8. Ability to conduct social engineering tests with various methods and to different extents in relation to different groups of users.
  9. Regularly (at least once a month) scans of known vulnerabilities are carried out together with a report and a recommendation for changes.
  10. Support in the development of documentation as well as procedures and instructionswhich will map practical (technical) safeguards to formal (compliance) requirements resulting from a security audit.
  11. Cybersecurity training - security awareness (over the last 4 years, we have trained a total of over 15,000 people).

Detailed information

What is the price of vCISO?

The cost of the virtual security chief is the result of an analysis of the following components:

  • the size and complexity of your organization,
  • number of devices covered by the project in your network,
  • number of contracted support hours.

Based on our experience, we can confidently say that the price is simply very attractive and varies between 2 (two) and 5 (five) thousand euro.

If the scope of commissioned work is repetitive, it is possible to reduce the price, because there will be no need to spend time on identifying needs and analyzing.

How does vCISO work?

The first step is always to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your organization. You will receive from us an assessment of the initial state, on the basis of which it will be possible to prepare a specific action plan.

After determining the action plan, vCISO performs the scope in parallel or in a predetermined order in cooperation with the people you appoint. Work takes place in teams whose competences correspond to those involved on your part and on the part of vCISO.

Who is the vCISO service for?

For organizations of all sizes that want to build from scratch and/or improve security. If you do not feel confident in the security area or you just know that you need support, the vCISO service will be very beneficial for you.

The salaries of people in the positions of the Head of Security are high, therefore the vCISO service is dedicated to organizations that want to optimize costs while providing themselves with support and expert knowledge supported by experience from an external team.