Data Protection Officer Services

We have been dealing with data protection and security for over 10 years

What do we test?

We protect against data leaks

We protect against data leakage by introducing ICT and organizational tools that protect against data breaches, not only personal data.

System Zarządzania Bezpieczeństwem Informacji

We settle according to the GDPR

We implement solutions enabling the settlement before the Office for Personal Data Protection for effective protection of data and the rights and freedoms of persons in accordance with the GDPR.

GDPR / RODO internationally

We implement data protection in many languages and in accordance with the specific provisions in force in each country of the European Union from the legal, organizational and technical point of view.

Offensive Security Training Center

We train effectively and practically

Our trainings are practical. We conduct interesting workshops and interesting lectures - always in accordance with the expectations of our clients.

We conduct security audits

Our audits are more than a documentation review or the use of the clean desk principle. We evaluate organizational and technical measures for effective data protection.

Safety through risk assessment

We identify the risk and implement tools to minimize the effects of its occurrence. We select organizational and technical tools for data protection.

We establish the reasons for violations

We identify the places and extent of the violation, assess the damage. We secure the evidence and cooperate with the services in the field of computer forensics.

We estimate the budget in terms of GDPR

We estimate the budget and present how much are the organizational and technical changes required to ensure proper data protection as well as privacy and accountability.