Penetration Tests as a Service (PTaaS)

A periodic service that will help you achieve the highest level of security for your company and its products

What is PTaaS?

Penetration testing as a subscription (as a periodic service) is a way to conduct penetration tests in many different areas, from network infrastructure, through servers, server services, to desktop, mobile and web applications.

Therefore, PTaaS gives you complete control over the area covered by the tests, which you can define in the full spectrum of services we offer.

Advantages of PTaaS

The subscription model of conducting penetration tests offers unique benefits, unavailable in the traditional approach.

  • You pay monthly in the subscription or once for the whole year - you decide;
  • You choose the pentesting mode (Blackbox, Greybox, Whitebox);
  • You choose the duration of the pentests and their frequency;
  • You can use automatic scanning for known vulnerabilities between pentests;
  • You reduce the risk of data leakage thanks to cyclical tests;
  • Each conducted penetration test ends with a report that will help you improve security and will testify to good practices of your organization;
  • You will eliminate identified vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis;
  • You will run the next tests faster.

Who is the PTaaS service for?

For Heads of IT departments (CIO - Chief Information Officer)

If you are responsible for the proper functioning of all IT areas in your organization, then you probably need a service that will be cost-optimized and at the same time cover the entire IT area. This is exactly the model we offer as part of the PTaaS service for CIOs.

The key element of the CIO-dedicated pentests offer is the ability to freely select test areas and, at the same time, thanks to a temporary contract for 12 months, optimization of implementation costs related to the service.

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For software houses

If you are a software developer company, PTaaS is an ideal service for you and your clients. Regular performance of penetration tests, starting from the initial phase of software development, will allow you to identify errors in the solution architecture at an early stage of your project.

You will reduce the risk associated with the need to introduce deep, costly and time-consuming changes just before releasing the product to the market. It should not be forgotten that each manufacturer is responsible for the safety of their products.

Your Customers also increasingly expect safe products, and a data leak or security breach additionally increases the likelihood of financial penalties being imposed on the basis of the GDPR. By ordering penetration tests in a continuous mode, you not only increase the level of security of the software you offer, but also increase the credibility of your clients.



For our clients, we issue a certificate confirming the conduct of penetration tests in the subscription model, which confirms care for security.

The cyclicality of testing confirmed by a certificate will certainly be appreciated by your customers.

System Zarządzania Bezpieczeństwem Informacji


You will receive a penetration test report from us in two versions:

  • a detailed report with a proposal how to minimize the vulnerability.
  • a shortened report that you can freely submit as confirmation of the tests.

The reports we prepare are characterized by high detail, enabling developers to introduce appropriate corrections.

They enable persons responsible for security or managers to adequately assess the risk.

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